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Ceremony Celebrations


Exchange your vows in a picturesque setting, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.


Honor your loved ones with a peaceful repass, offering comfort and solace.


Create lasting memories as you celebrate the spiritual journey of your loved ones.

Neutral Space

A versatile ground for various gatherings, ensuring a neutral and inclusive atmosphere.

Private Events

Host your exclusive events in a serene and private setting, tailored to your needs.


Catering Options

Choose from a list of preferred caterers to enhance your culinary experience.

Access to Front and Back Grounds

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a front or back ground for your event.

Parking Facilities

Hassle-free parking arrangements to accommodate your guests.

Children’s Parties

Create magical moments for the little ones in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Safety Measures

Safe Space

Prioritize safety with designated areas ensuring a secure environment.

Secured Space

Your privacy is our priority; we provide discreet and secure spaces for your events.

Celebrating Life

Immerse yourself in the celebration of life’s special moments with Estate Ground as your canvas.