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Frequently asked questions

Is the house included?

– No, but we believe in celebrating life on the grounds. The focus is on the beautiful natural surroundings.

Is the Pool Included?

– No, but we offer the option to add it at a separate/additional cost. A lifeguard is included for added safety.

Is DJ allowed?

– Absolutely! We encourage the celebration, but we do adhere to noise regulations. After 10:30 PM, we kindly ask for a volume reduction to comply with local laws.

Do we have Alcohol?

– No, but we welcome caterers, and you are free to bring your own alcohol.

Is there a Deposit?

– Yes, the deposit is required upfront to secure your reservation.

Do we have bathrooms?

– Yes, we provide luxury rental trailers on the grounds, ensuring convenience and comfort for you and your guests.

Could front and back ground be included?

– Yes, but at an additional cost.